Title: Play your music apart / 離れても奏でる

Medium: Acrylic paint, watercolor, spray paint, wool yarn on canvas fabric / キャンバス生地に毛糸、アクリル、スプレー、水彩

Size: variable / サイズ可変



Title: MUSIC  / ミュージック

Medium: Acrylic paint, watercolor, spray paint on canvas fabric キャンバス生地にアクリル、スプレー、水彩

Size: variable サイズ可変


Title: Skin & Bones / 骨と皮

Medium: unfolded thousand paper cranes、開かれた千羽鶴

Size: variable サイズ可変



Title: Phoenix / 不死鳥

Medium: ash of paper crane, paper crane, thousand paper cranes, unfolded paper crane


Size: variable サイズ可変



Title: Mont Prière / 祈りの山 

Medium: thousand paper cranes, gut 千羽鶴、天蚕糸

Size: variable サイズ可変

Commissioned  work for "Dance de Peace" ダンスdeピースのための作品

Medium: Acrylic paint, ash of thousand paper cranes, spray paint on cloth  

Size: variable サイズ可変

Title: A Storm of Prayers 祈りの嵐

Medium: Gut, Paper cranes (sent to Hiroshima-city from all over the world)

Size (Height x Diameter) : 5.6 x 2.5 m


Out Of Control / Mixed media / HWD 405 x 750 mm, 340 x 700 x 255 mm, 660 x 1920 x 250 mm, 940 x 1080 x 210 mm, 820 x 920 x 80 mm

The Black Rain installation (left & middle)/ 1000 x 2000 mm, 1000 x 1400 mm 

The Black Rain painting (right)  / mixed media on canvas / 200 x 1000 mm 

Media: The mixture of 100% carbonblack, earth, water, ash that is made of dust, clothing, chicken bones, vegetables, fruits, paper (book & cardboard), pencil, plant, hair, skin, and plastic.

At 8:15 am on the 6th of August in 1945, during World War Ⅱ, an atomic bomb was dropped onto Hiroshima-city by U.S. forces. Up to the present time, approximately three hundred and ten thousand people have died as the victims of atomic bomb. Among the atomic bomb victims, there were Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, overseas students from Southeast Asia, and American POWs.

Twenty to thirty minutes after the bombing, black rain started to fall in the northwest area of Hiroshima.

The rain was sticky like heavy oil. It contained ash, mud, and radiation. In other words, it is called nuclear fallout.

When it rained, the temperature fell drastically, even though it was summer season. The atomic bomb survivors felt cold. They tried to escape from raining. They were hit by the rain, and accidently drank it because of their extreme thirst.

The survivors include those whose hair fell out, those who bled from their gums, those who had bloody stools, those who have massive and those who suffer from thyroid cancer, stomach cancer or lung cancer as aftereffects. Healthy people coming to the rescue suddenly passed out because of radiation. The water in the river was contaminated by radiation, and the dead fish came to the surface.

This is the reality caused by black rain (nuclear fallout).

In addition to Hiroshima city, the black rain also fell in Nagasaki city after it was bombed. Also, there are records of black rain in Moruroa atoll when it was French nuclear testing ground, and around the Semipalatinsk which was the Soviet Union nuclear testing ground.

On the earth, there are still approximately fifteen thousand nuclear weapons that are stronger than the atomic bomb dropped onto Hiroshima. If one thousand nuclear weapons are exploded on the earth, nuclear winter is hypothesized to occur. Sunlight can be blocked by the cloud. An ice age will artificially occur. The world will fall into food shortage. There is a possibility that living things on the earth may be extinct. The explosion of one nuclear weapon can cause nuclear winter.

It is unlikely that nuclear weapons will be used for political reasons. It is more likely that nuclear missiles will be launched by accident due to a malfunction of the warning system of nuclear weapon states. Actually, multiple malfunctions have already occurred in the United States and the Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation).

We are living in the present with such reality.